Our Ingredients

THOYA Laboratoire formulations combine the latest scientific advances with nature's powerful restorative actives. All our products are developed with carefully selected natural or of natural-origin ingredients. Our formulations are plant-based and contain certified luxurious bio-active ingredients to minimize residue from pesticides and toxins.

Every ingredient is thoughtfully researched and all controversial, harmful, or toxic substances are excluded from our products.

Thoya Laboratoire products are:

  • Formulated with 100% natural-origin ingredients and with certified organic ingredients

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Not irritant

  • Clinically and dermatologist tested

  • Recyclable and use sustainable packaging

  • Not animal tested

  • Essential-oil free

  • Fragrance free

  • Sodium-lauryl-sulfate free

  • Phthalate free

  • Mineral-oil free

  • Aluminium free

  • Silicone free

  • Paraben free

  • Vegan


Sustainable Practices

THOYA implements sustainable practices and all packaging is made of recyclable material. We always prioritize local and high quality ingredients. All products are locally developed, tested, and manufactured to minimize our ecological footprint.

Standards and Eco-Values

Vegan and Not Animal Tested

THOYA products are vegan and never tested on animals.

100% Natural-Origin Ingredients

THOYA products are 100% formulated with safe and effective natural, natural-origin, and certified organic ingredients.

All products are developed with plant-based ingredients based on novel discoveries in the field. We also formulate using luxurious bio-active ingredients to obtain high-quality and unique products.

Zinc-Oxide Mineral UV Filter

All our sunscreens use only non-nano zinc oxide mineral UV filter. Zinc oxide is a safe UV filter approved by Health Canada that effectively protects against both UVA and UVB rays.




Health Canada Approved

All our sunscreens are rigorously tested by independent laboratories according to strict regulatory standards and are all approved by Health Canada.

Dermatologist and Clinically Tested

THOYA Laboratoire products are all clinically tested under dermatological control,

fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and

not irritant. Learn More

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